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Default Re: Reasons for riding MB

I've had motorcycles off and on for 30 years. I'd started to get the itch again, and began to research what my next 'addiction' should be. I found a listing for a motor bicycle ---- thought they must've had a typo. Nope......the danged thing intrigued me.

Thought that this might cure the 'itch' for another motorcycle, and it did! I don't care so much about going fast or far anymore. I just want to be able to go......and it does! I've got less in this project than just the yearly insurance would've been on a motorcycle. Also, this machine has started more conversations than any motorcycle I've ever owned.

I'm now hooked. Starting to think about my next project and how to make it better for me. I've got an employee that could use a motor bicycle........might just give him my current one when I get the next one built.
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