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Default Re: Exhaust Wrap and Engine Cooling

The preformance theory behind header wrap is it's supposed to reduce the turbulence caused by shock cooling the exhaust gasses... which is plausible enough with a large V8's headers I suppose, though it's something only a dyno would show even with that size an engine - with our scale I doubt there's any significant difference.

On the other hand I wrap all my exhaust systems for what I suspect is it's actual, primary intent & that's keeping the radiant temperature down - ambient under the hood or for our stuff, helping prevent burns. What I love it for is the effect it has on the exhaust tone, the sound itself is altered & some of the high pitched "ting" is reduced, when combined with any sort of effective muffler/baffle/glasspack system results in what I think to be a richer tone and with a full length system it helps direct even more of the noise behind you resulting in a quieter, more comfortable ride.

In other words it's mostly aesthetics
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