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fatdaddy thanks. I put the inline filter that came with the kit, is that good enough. I adjusted the throttle cable at the throttle handle and at the carb. and pulled the throttle needle back just in case it would of been too much. Once I tested it was much better and I again adjusted the throttle needle. Now I'm able to idle and is much better. But when I was ridding it after a while, of course letting the engine cool in between my ride and not ridding it for too long and every thing seemed to be good my engine started to bog out like the carb was flooding. I just got home by way of the bike pedals without the engine. I will take the carb apart and check, it but I want to get some carb cleaner like you suggested before I do that so I can do a complete carb cleaning and over haul. Thanks again fatdaddy. I would appreciate any comments you would give me. I'm starting to get the hang of it with all the maintenance that is involved with motor bike, that is all part of having a hobby but I'm loving it even do I am breaking in the motor and going at slow speed thanks again. by the way 2 door said to throw the manual away and do the mix that his suggesting. I'm on half way of my second tank of gas in the breaking period with my 16:1 mix. Not sure what to do, I haven't been able to really read 2 door suggestion yet; I just got home and I'm tired but I do appreciate everybody suggestions and reply's I have re-read the reply's with more time but your reply was more easily to answer now but I'm tired. I need to rest and tackle the bog in out with the carb cleaning tomorrow and re-read all your good people replys to my question. thanks again everybody. this is a great place to get help on my new hobby.
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