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Default Re: Summer Job Build Thread

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
One of the most difficult and most important parts of doing business is infact pricing. To far to either side will kill an enterprise.

Direct and indirect costs should be considered. Here is an excellent article on different formulas to fix pricing

I would suggest you decide on a price you feel is fair to you and the consumer and stick with it. Reasons being, it is what you consider fair. Not inflated so as to get the best amount possible and would not be angering to another customer who buys the same product for a different price. Will come back to bite ya.

When you produce some thing for sale, it is a proposal to a potential consumer. They weigh the option to buy or not to. If you charged say $50 an hr for your time and it is worth it to them, then it is a good deal for the end consumer. If they have the time, tools and expertise, then it is not.

Either way, it is a proposal.

I have been offered more then your asking for bike and called a thief for an asking price. It is a product for sale and I think you have it more then fairly priced. But will be a rough crowd here to ask as 99% of us like the building part and have already invested in the tooling and time learning.

Best of luck on your endeavor!
Thanks Dan. Every time I have sold a bike in the past, the buyer is always a college or high school student that needs something simple to get around on, but they don't have the time to build it themselves. That is the crowd that generally buys these types of things around where I live, so I am trying to take advantage of that to make a small profit
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