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Default Re: Parts identifcation please

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Any suggestions for now getting the nut off the plate holding the exposed clutch pads-

The kit spark plug wrench seems to fit- but maybe I can find a better socket- still it spins when I try to loosen the nut, and when I wedge a screwdriver into it to stop the spin, it seems to be working against actualy loosening the nut the-

as yet still don't have it loose

Probably have the new motor for testing later today or tomorrow.
The nut holding the sprocket and clutch gear on is an M14, so a 19-21mm wrench if you want a real socket for it (I'm not sure which one, I'm betting 21 but I cant find any info and I dont have a wrench that big). However yes, the spark plug socket will fit, IIRC its a 5/8" socket, some have two sides to them, the other side may be 13/16 (the other spark plug standard size).

THey're on tight from the factory usually, as long as you stop the clutch/sprocket from rotating and you're turning the nut the right way (counter clockwise) then it'll pop out. A side note: the gear puller tool uses 14mm socket for the screw, and 22mm for the larger part that actually goes into the gears. If you're venturing that far, use some lubricant and thread it in and out by hand a few times until it wont go in any farther (you will need to use some force, the hardware is garbage, but if you cant budge it any further by hand, then it should be enough). Using the 22mm wrench to screw it in some more could strip the threads, and trust me, its reeeaaally easy to strip that thing, I went through 3 on one motor before I figured it out.
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