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Default Re: machine new cylinder?

Originally Posted by commuter View Post
well i really didnt get much done last night. cut/milled block to dims i wanted. drilled and bored block. stud holes are .343" and bore is 2.1". after comparing old cylinder to my block i might re-drill stud holes to original bottom end pattern. i didnt think there would be any wall but it looks like there will between sleeve and stud hole.

started working on sleeve but got sidetracked by my job.


if anyone from my work is reading this, look away now!

the bridgeports were tied up last night so i went to scratch out a quick program and make up tooling for one of our larger horizontal MORIs, not a problem except one idea led to another, to another, and so on. the program ended up written to run 3 operations at once. 1st op is just block horizontaly in vise to mill length, drill stud holes, and bore cylinder. 2nd op is sleeved cylinder, loaded same as first op but on opposite side of tomb to re-bore sleeve and mill/interpolate intake port. 3rd op is cylinder vertically on top of fixture to cut cooling fins, mill/interpolate exhaust port, and notch cylinder skirt.

so after setting up tooling and building the fixture i didnt have any time left to actually make the part. the really nice thing about all the extra time i spent going so in-depth on the program and fixturing is that its written like a production part. after i tweak everything and get it just right, its just a matter of loading parts and pushing a button to make new cylinders.

hmmmm, how to make the machine cross hatch it also?
Wow. That will be a very expensive cylinder for someone. I expect to see at least $200 per hour for time on my Mori-Seiki SH-500. I also expect to see it making chips for paying jobs as much as possible.

Programming time, fixtures, machine time & raw materials. If you paid your employer shop rates for all of that, you could send several cylinders out for Nikasil for that price.

Next time someone complains about the prices a machine shop charges, I will link to this thread.

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