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Default Re: Summer Job Build Thread

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
My last bike was a Cranbrook, and the only problem I had with it was the front tube being wider than the front engine mount, which I mounted the engine to a seatpost and the seatpost was clamped to the frame. Later on I got a different engine with a wider front mount and didn't need the seatpost anymore. I am not sure why you had an issue with the engine sitting in the frame properly. I did have some trouble with the chain rubbing the fat tires that came on the bike, solved it by switching to a skinnier tire. If I were selling a bike, I'd want to find a way to get the engine seated properly in the frame. Extending the rear studs may work ok for now, but its asking for trouble later. I would look at other for sale builds very closely to see what you could be doing better.
I could not let the engine sit in the frame because at the point it would have sat at, the bike's sprocket was in the way. On the next build I am having some blocks of aluminum machined that will fill the gap between the seat post and the engine. That should help make it stronger.
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