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Thanks a lot guys! Sure! I'm happy to share!

Near as I can tell, the Murray Valiant is a replica bike most likely from the ninties. Bought it last week, paid too much, and have only begun to identify its issues.
So far;
1) Loose steering head
2) front wheel bearings 'grinding' (perhaps overtightened)
3) rear wheel loose all over
a) axial & lateral play on bearings (perhaps loose)
b) loose sprocket
c) bent rim, loose spokes (not too bad)
d) mismatched hardware/improper washer stack
4) seat tilt is tight but won't stay
5) fenders fore & aft loose; bent attachments
6) handel bar alignment
7) suspension spring bolt over tightened (into the bracket) missing nut
8) Misc; peeling stickers, corrosion (minor), filth...

These are first approximation issues, I've yet to do much more than pedal around the parking lot.
I have access to great quantities of Aeroshell 22 grease, donít remember the MIL Spec, does anyone know if this will work on bicycle wheel bearings? High temp/ high pressure.

<Pictures when I learn how to add them>
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