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Unhappy Re: stolen motorbike

I deleted the pic with all the crap in the background to put up
prettier pics on Facebook so now all the comments are going to
the deleted pic and not the new 3 photo album of the stolen bike.

So here are some of the comments on SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing

Motorized Bicycle Racing - SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing $1300 was spent buiding this motorized bike.
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James Lawrence That suck big time. That bike definitely is distinct. Hope you all can track this down. Alot of time and money goes into these bikes. If you find the dick that took it punch him in the throat for me. Wish I can help but I'm in Tucson. I'm on Craigslist alot if they try to sell here I might see it.
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Matt Dewees I live in h.b. I'll keep my eyes open if I see it I'll call the police
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Joshua Henderson Bastards..!
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Steven Follweiler Dude I ride down there all the time I will keep my eyes open
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John Koeberlein Nice bike, sorry for your loss. I just put together my bike with new motor and we tuned the expansion chamber, 39mph!
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Jeff Kyle If I had an expensive bike that was exposed to theft,I might look into one of these...Where did the motor come from? I like it...Sorry about the scumbag thieves...

SpyBike GPS Tracker is like LoJack for bikes
The SpyBike GPS tracker gives you GPS tracking power for stolen bikes.
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Debbie Follweiler liars and thieves are lowlifes. no morals cowards!!!
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Ronnie Mf Dobbs Don't call the police get a stick and beat them till they learn not to steal
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Steven Follweiler Where did they take it from? Garage?
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Norv Ross this bike worth more then $1000
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