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Default Re: homemade shifter kit

Originally Posted by rich4240 View Post
hi i know your all going to say its not smart to make my own shifter kit or its going to cost more to bulid then buy but thats not the case just had to out that out there
anywas my good frend works at a go kart track/shop and can get me all the jack shaft barings and the shaft it self and the gears to go on it.
i have axcess to metal workign equmint to buld the jackshat place ie. benders sheers sheet metal bender and so on and mig and stick welder.
i have the basic idea how it bulid it all just can t seem to find a free wheeling crank dose anyone have a idea were to find a set
LOL, that's the EASY part:

Just buy what you need. I only wanted the crank arms, freewheel and 24t sprocket for my shift kit.
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