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Default Summer Job Build Thread

Hello everyone! This summer I have planned to build and sell motorbikes for some easy cash. I am not the kind of person to constantly update a thread with everything I do, so I am only going to post when I finish a bike, and will update the post when I sell the corresponding bike. I really don't care how much of a profit I make on these bikes, as long as I break even at least. I enjoy building them, and want to produce affordable bikes that will get more people involved in our passion.

Here is my first build:

Bike: Its a huffy cranbrook.. I took apart all the bearings (and the coaster brake), cleaned them out, and repacked them with quality grease.

Engine: Black flaming horse kit from EngineOnlineShop. I am very pleased with the quality of the engine, but I can't say the same for the hardware as I replaced all of it as soon as I got the engine.

About the build: I did have some trouble with this build (more than I expected). The first problem is that the engine does not sit in the V of the frame. The frame is too wide, so I had to improvise without ordering any extra parts to keep the cost down. As you can see in the pictures, I extended the rear studs, and they have not shown any signs of bending. I made sure to buy quality hardware, and the lowest grade I used was 8.8, the highest being 10.9. The second problem I had was with the chain. I could not get the alignment right, but finally managed to without using the chain tensioner. The bike rides very well, but there is some 4 stroking. After I break it in some more, I will tune it unless someone buys it before then.

- Bike: $97.19
- Engine Kit: $152.21
- Replacement Hardware: $13.38
Total: $262.78


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