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Default Re: Saw An Old China Girl in Taipei Today

I don't think its that old, just looks like its been ridden very hard. Other than the rust, the motor shows no significant outward signs of age. Plus its got a pullstart, and they have only been around for a few years now for the china girls. I think maybe the owner just beat the snot out of it. The pullstart rope is not fully retracted, the carb is broken off and most of the rust is on the muffler and chainguard. This indicates that the owner rode very hard over a lot of very bumpy roads (maybe thats how some of the roads are over there?) , and the rust indicates they road through a lot of rain/puddles (monsoon season?). The pullstart rope indicates what is already known: the pullstarts are junk to begin with. I wouldn't guess that bike to be more than a few years old, if that.
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