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Exclamation Re: stolen motorbike

Originally Posted by neum5464 View Post
I am working on getting a class M1 license so it won't be awkward rolling into the DMV on an unregistered motorbike.
Why would you waste your time taking your bike to the DMV?

There is no inspection of your bike to get a plate.

They usually don't have plates there and they know nothing about
motorized bike laws. The DMV drones after much deliberation and
talking to supervisors may tell you that you don't need to get a plate.

Print out the Reg230 PDF form, fill it out and MAIL it in with a $20
Postal Money Order.

The DMV will mail your plate and ID to you in a few weeks to a month?

You will need to go to the DMV to sit the written test to get a temp M1
license that is good for a year, but I wouldn't even try to get the plate
at the same time.

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