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Default Re: Parts identifcation please

Well I plugged away at her a bit more-

Got the chain off- thought i'd purchased a pretty decent chain breaker from BGF a while back, only to find that the pin wouldn't really get much into the 415 trike chain- too wide, and despite having no vision of the other side of the chain and progress of the pin, and absolutely no support pins for the chain- those are two things I could work around, but the pin has to fit through the chain- Did they get some chinese motorcycle breaker for some larger chain, or is the Trike chain different? I'll have to try it on a kit chain- but for now- don't much recommend- and may still be looking for a breaker- a small Bell with the incorrect support structure removed is what I've used now for several years-

got the small gear off the clutch side- the crankshaft still has the same characteristics- so the crankcase would have to be split- probably main bearing or bottom end bearing.

Got the flower nut off the clutch- into the spring and clutch pads- NOT that intimidating- First time in four years I've seen the clutch pads myself, and replacing the clutch pads would be a project I might undertake if I had too- once in here- the pads just pull out- if I get it rebuilt somehow otherwise, I'd want to replace them- but then the dollars start adding up, huh?- (Once got some oil on the pads and thought I was gonna hafta do it, but that did dry out and wear off- still working good on the other bike.)

main bearings, bottom bearing, small gear I scewed up-
clutch pads, probably want to do needle bearing and rings- voila!-
You're at the cost of a bottom end or closer to a replacement motor with all those new things, before you know it!

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