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Default Re: A rant by Maniac57 about freedom.

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
This was intended as a rant AGAINST any compliance with motorbike "laws", not about how to conform.
You miss my point.
I don't care if my bicycle becomes illegal, I will still ride it.
I just won't stop for cops anymore.
I to live in Tennessee. You must have a valid driver's license, be under 50 cc and have an automatic transmission system. If you aren't within these guidelines you're already riding illegal.

Back in 2006 my idiot X-brother-in-law ran into my brother while both were riding motorized bicycles. Both were hurt really bad and had to go to the hospital in Knox county Tennessee. Both were charged with operating an improper vehicle on the public roadways. The bikes were said to be improper due to large cc size and the use of a manual clutch.

True the cops may never brother you but if you're ever in a multiple vehicle accident you may be charged as well even if the accident wasn't your fault. I've found its just better to comply with the law. Because once you get in court you're not going to win. They're really good crooks when it comes to taking your money.
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