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Default Re: stolen motorbike

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
BigButterBean makes some very good points that we can learn from:
- Save those receipts, in a safe place which you can remember where to look.
- Keep a copy of the bike's, and engine's serial number in your wallet, maybe along with a photo too. Something handy to show a cop. (Note to self: print small photo of bike.)
- Some police stations in some towns will let you register your bicycle's serial number with them, in case of theft. They keep it on file. This is a good thing to ask about. (I luck out here, because I work in the local City-County Building and cops know me and they know my bike. And they've heard what I spent on her.)

Having your ducks in a row ahead of time just might make a difference.
The sad thing is that while this is very handy, the first thing bike thieves do if they're not planning on ditching the bike, is grind off the serial number...
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