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Default Re: A rant by Maniac57 about freedom.

Here in Illinois they just converted the electric rules to gas. 50cc or less and no greater than 1hp. I don't know of a 50cc engine that's 1hp or less, aren't the 33cc usually 1.1hp? It also said something about gears but I don't remember what. Then it states that the bike cant reach speeds greater than 20mph on a flat with no wind and 170pound rider under just the engines power.

Needless to say I still ride an HT around and never got a ticket. One tried once but I just handed him a copy of the law and kept trying to unstick the carb slide. Funny part was when he said he had tried to pull me over a few times before, I replied that I'm not dumb enough to stop for an unmarked car that flashes its headlights in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. That was three years ago. I wonder how they gona react when I finish my 79ccHF Giant Stiletto Trike?
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