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Talking Re: A rant by Maniac57 about freedom.

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
The deal in Texas with motor bicycles is, there's no specific statutes for gas powered motor bicycles. At this time the state applies whatever motor vehicle statute it can find to regulate motor bicycles. Motor vehicle is the key word here.

In Texas all motor vehicles are considered self propelled. As long as you can reasonably argue in court that your bike is not self propelled, because you have to pedal it off from a stop, you should be good to go.

As long as no cop sees you ride off from a stop without pedaling the state has no evidence against you. If however a cop does see you riding off without pedaling you're busted, because now your bike will be considered self propelled, and therefore a motor vehicle, which means you could get a big fat ticket for riding an unregistered moped.

Motor size plays no part, except at some point you'll be stretching the limit of credibility trying to say it's not self propelled.
I pedal like a circus monkey in LA whenever I see a cop but have been caught WOT and not pedaling when I didn't see the cop in time. They don't even seem to blink an eye either way.....for me anyway. I just keep to the right and ride.
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