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Default Re: Newbie from Lancaster, PA

Onirus, welcome to the forum. I myself am from the Lancaster area (grew up in Mount Joy, lived in Lancaster and Lititz as well), but currently reside in Lebanon. I may possibly be able to get together with you and help you with your build, if you would like. Send me a private message and I can text you or email you if you want. As far as the legal side of things, you have to realize that it's not the cheapest or quickest process. I'll tell you what I know. First, in order to pass the enhanced inspection, you will need DOT approved headlight, taillight and brake light. I don't believe that turn signals are required, as it is still a bicycle I believe hand signals are acceptable (I'm not legal and I use hand signals). You will need adequate brakes. I am not sure if DOT approval is required on brakes or not, but a moped drum should meet that requirement if it is. I think you also need DOT rated tires ($$$). All that will probably cost you $200 or more. The enhanced vehicle inspection costs $160 and up, and if you don't pass you have 30 days to meet any unmet requirements and reinspect. You will have to take the enhanced vehicle inspection form to a notary and have it notarized, and that will cost whatever the notary charges. Then you have to apply for a title, which means an application fee for that. Then you have to pay another fee to get the title, then a registration fee, license plate fee (yearly, $17) and also will need moped insurance, which is about $90 a year. The entire process can take up to six months. I can tell you from my experiences of driving through Lancaster, Lititz, Ephrata, Mount Joy and E-Town that most cops in the county give a rat's behind about these little motorbikes. One cop pulled me over for tags in New Holland on my way to Pottstown, and let me go with a warning. That is the ONLY time I was ever stopped anywhere in Lancaster county. I drive my 98cc cruiser back and forth to work every day in Lebanon and have passed cops numerous times, and they have never bothered me here either. If you want to be legal and spend the money and wait up to six months, I respect that decision. I just don't think its necessary. As long as you drive safely and don't interfere with traffic (I ride in the shoulder or off to the side most of the time), I honestly don't think the cops will bother you. Anyway, its your choice either way. Again, send me a private message if you want to talk about getting together.
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