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Default Re: Wanting to do something different

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
My 1.95's do brush against the chain just slightly from time to time but never in anyway do the tires or the chain take on any damage , a couple of washer behind sproket on each bolt spaces the chain out approximately 1/8" to 3/16" which will give even more room if needed. Only tires I've never run on mine are the 2.25 cruiser tires but I know I can make them work with the right amount of shimming of my driven rear sprocket. I will work on that in the future , I know I would enjoy the smoother ride I would get on these rough dirt roads I have to ride for 3 miles before I get onto the highway that leads to town.
My bike used to have 2.125 cruiser tires on it. It was squirmy and handled poorly. The 1.75 hybrid tires makes it more planted even though it ride rougher.
Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
Looks nice as is, make a side car! or a nice pop up trailer for it
My fave would be a side car with a fake pvc 50 cal machine gun That'll
get you some looks hahahaha
Considering I've got lots of PVC sitting around, don't tempt me. lol
Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
If you want a different wheel look, then go more practical- a 700c or 27 skinny wheel on the front- like a real "chopper"-
you'll feel the difference peddling right away, and the motor feels it too- a speed increase guaranteed!
recommend- a 3/4" (19mm) rim and a tire no wider than 32mm-
and then you can go (have to go) with a shorter reach LIGHTER alloy brake-

all kinds of weight savings AND a better roll. win-win.

Are those current rims steel? Definitely heavy then-

And it looks like you need a lot smaller rear sprocket for some crusin speed, sans WOT. 36 are great for normal street use, unless very hilly or very heavy.
Here's the thing, I'm likely going to be going a totally different route in the near future, so I can't spend a lot of money on this frame. The current rims ARE steel, yes, but if they were single wall aluminum like some guys have on here, they would have been taco'd long ago. And how can I go with a short reach brake without welding a new set of brackets onto the frame? lol The thing about the 44t sprocket is that it pulls like a train up hills. I can do 22 easy up a 25% grade.
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