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Hey Folks,

I'm new to the idea of Motorized Bicycles but I'd like to dive head first into my first build.

I've been browsing a little here and there and I'm really excited.

My goals are to:

1) Build a Street Legal Bike for PA (and possibly other states)
2) One that is both Light & Sturdy
3) Mountable to the back or top of a vehicle

I've read a few other folks from PA have been able to make theirs legal by meeting the requirements in the MOMO factsheet, Subchapter J of Motor-Driven Cycles and Motorized Pedacycles, and by taking it to a Enhanced Vehicle Inspection Station.

Any recommendations as to where to start would be amazing.

What are peoples opinions on these bikes in regards to frame type, shocks, tire size, engine preferences, etc?

Looking forward to chatting with you all.


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