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Exclamation A rant by Maniac57 about freedom.

I've been on the wrong side of many, many traffic laws in my checkered career, but even the meanest cop on earth has a hard time looking me in the eye and telling me riding a motor bicycle is a crime.
I would throw my life away and do jail time before I will ever plate, register or license a bicycle, PERIOD.

Now, I know this might be seen as kinda stupid by some folks, but I believe in certain freedoms and the right to ride my bicycle is one of them.
I've owned every kind of motoized toy since I was old enough to yank a pull-start, and bicycles are one of my favorites.
If these tiny gems ever get outlawed, I plan to become a Dark Knight against repression and flout the law every possible way. I'll build a bicycle with a Rotax triple or something and drive the police insane,doing 100mph through downtown with open pipes at 3am and laughing all the way to Oblivian!
As someone who has had more than a few brushes with the law, I can tell you 90% of the time, your behavior during any police stop is going to make all the difference in what happens. My problem is my instant knee-jerk extreme rebellion against arrogant cops which makes me kinda prickly, but I learned long ago not to get an attitude until there is no choice, and when I feel I'm in the right, I'll go down in flames before I ever submit.
Every cop who has stopped me has really been interested in my bike. This includes cops who know and dislike me. They still liked the bike enough to be cool with me. These things are just too much fun. I will never give up my motorbike and I urge all of you out there to join me in rising up against idiot politicians and goverment bureacrats who see you as hosts for their parasitic need to control our lives!

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If you can't afford it, build it yourself.
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