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Default Re: Hello from Hawaii

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
I'd love to bring my motorized bike to Maui and cruise to all the spots we hung out at, like Kepaniwai Park, Happy Valley river by the "flume", Waile Pond(we used to call it Volley Pond).

Places that took us hours to get to, a motorized bike can get there within an hour.

And then there's that ride from Kahului to Wailuku, past Baldwin High. Fun ride to Kahului, bustass riding back up.
Whoa! How long has it been since you been to Maui? Can't ride in the Volley Pond area's been turned into an industrial area along with new subdivisions. (I used to ride MX alot there). Same with Happy Valley...there's homes all along that flume all the way up to the foot of the mountains (I'm talking about the other side of the Iao Stream. As you're heading to the "Y" at Wailuku Heights to go to Iao Valley you can see the homes on the other side of the valley. Big changes with more places to ride around hahaha!!! Hurry back brah!!!
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