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Default Re: Cleaning/Lubing Freewheels

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
How do you guys clean & lube your freewheels? My chainring freewheel needs maintenance. I flushed it out and tried to push grease thru the cracks.

How do you guys lube freewheels?
Are you talking about a crank free wheel like used with a shifter bike set up?

if so I dont have a shifter bike so my knowledge on this is very limited, I will say though that if there is a gap that will allow it to be oiled, I would possibly get me a can of spray grease, a Napa parts store or most industrial supply stores like Motion Industries will have the spray grease, it is a somewhat regular red grease normally but it is desolved in a solvent that will allow it to be sprayed into small gaps between surfaces and into bearing and such, after it has been sprayed into an area you have to let the piece sit for a little while and the solvents with evaporate and leave the good thick grease behind, this might be the answer to what you are needing to lube.

Here is a link to a good deal on what I'm talking about on, very good price on this.

Product Description
BIG REDTM - FPPS Multi-Purpose Red Grease BIG RED is a highly efficient lubricant in an easy to use spray can. This product sprays out as a thin, penetrating liquid and sets as a thick, red grease. The grease withstands temperatures to 500F and resists "throw-off" from moving parts. Included in the formula are additives for antirust, antiwear, oxidation and for water and acid resistance.

Hope this helps, Map
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