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Default Re: Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl?

Alot of people knock grubee engines but other than the small gear bolt shearing off twice now (shoulda loc-tite'ed it), all the issues I've had with it were my own doing. sells motor kits at the lowest prices I've seen, combined with the forum2012 coupon, it's an amazing steal at $152 CAD but they dont ship to the states apparently (if they did you could have kits at $135). My roommate ordered one, they look great, looks like they even use 12.9 alloy hardware. However the Type A, B, C, or D motors I'm not so sure are qualities of the motor, unless a vendor (dax?) can verify, as far as I knew, they were just slight design variances or updates (e.g. C is older than D). I know type D motors run a shorter rod and lower ports to boost compression, I compared a D-type cylinder with my grubee and while it fits, it's incompatible because of the port heights and wrist pin location.
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