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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Gaspumper View Post
I ran out of gas today. Had to pedal about 3 miles home. Served as a reminder as to why I put the HT on in the first place. Filled up the tank, then went and bought a flask for fuel reserve purposes. Replaced a tire tube that had gotten a pinch flat. Also ordered a B2 tank cap, so hopefully no more leaks.
Running out of gas blows chunks lol. I ran out of gas yesterday. Luckily I was at the traffic light near my house so all I had to do was push the bike half a block, but still felt a little stupid lol. Had my wife drive me to the gas station when she got off work, and poured $3 of 89 into my gas can (1.2 gallon tank and I have a 4 stroke so no mixing oil). Back home, poured the gas in the tank and was ready to go to drive to work today. Reminded me to keep a better eye on my tank and put a couple dollars in every now and then.
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