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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Those cone bearings can be a pita. Here is what I do when I service my hubs. Actually just did this a few days ago, so its fresh in my memory lol. I disassemble the hub completely and wipe off the old grease the best I can. Then I take the axle and slather grease on the cone next to the brake arm. Slide that bearing on, then slather grease on the bearing. Set it to the side and pick up the pedal cog. Same procedure, slather grease on the cone, slide the bearing on, slather the bearing in grease. Slather the inner bearing race with grease and place that bearing in. Carefully set to the side and then pick up the axle again. Slide the brake clutch on and smear some grease on it (helps keep the brake shoes from moving around during reassembly). Then put the brake shoes on and smear a little grease on it. Slide the axle into the hub, and hold the brake arm. Pick up the pedal cog and screw it into the brake clutch. Hold everything tight while threading the bearing cone on. Tighten it finger tight. Then the locking nut, and get the locking nut on as tight as I possibly can, but with fingers ONLY. Then I place the wheel in the dropouts and slide the brake arm up to the strap that holds it in place (some frames have a welded on bracket, mine happens not to). I attach the nut and bolt that holds the brake arm, but dont tighten it completely yet. I then slide the wheel to the right to tension the pedal chain and tighten the right side axle nut. I squeeze something between the brake arm and the frame to keep the brake arm from torquing around while tightening the axle nuts. Once the right axle nut is tight, I center the wheel and tighten the left axle nut. Then I tighten the nut and bolt that holds the brake arm in place. Never had a problem with a loose axle doing it this way, and WOW that post was a lot longer than I thought.
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