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Default Re: stolen motorbike

Originally Posted by neum5464 View Post
yeah, I am especially pissed off because I spent about $1300 on mine which I believe is grand theft if it is over $1000, but not too sure on that one. needless to say, when I find this person they may or may not have use of their limbs when I am done.
Not to be offensive, but regardless of what the law states is or isn't grand theft, what this thief will be charged with will depend on several factors. First is probably whether or not you can actually PROVE what this bike cost. Not saying you didn't spend 1300 on it, but do you have receipts or invoices? Secondly, your bike being a motor vehicle, it may depend on whether or not the bike was properly registered. Sounds stupid, but sometimes thieves will get charged less for stealing unregistered property. I knew (didnt say liked, said KNEW) a guy who stole a boat and got off with probation because the boat's tail numbers had expired. Thirdly may also depend on what the court thinks the bike is actually worth. I say you find the guy yourself and give him an @$$ whoopin he'll never forget.
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