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Originally Posted by Huffydavidson View Post
welcome to the forum from St Louis Missouri ,
Thanks HuffyD. I look forward to meeting all in here.

I had to drive my truck today, which I hate due to
the 10 mpg it gets, but ..... I picked up two, old
Schwinn bicycles that were given to me. Both are
in working condition. One does have a flat tire, and
the seat was not mounted to the bike. At least it
is all there. My wife took to riding the other one right
off the bat. I guess that dictates as to which bike I
fix with a motor first. Now I will have to decide which
motor to buy. On my SS income I don't have much
for spending on anything each month, so I must decide
what I am going to buy first. At the moment I am
not sure, but I might have to buy a new front tire
for my motorcycle before a motor kit for a bicycle.
With all the rain we have had here I sure need a very
good tire on the front wheel of the motorcycle, and
the one I have is not very good. I do have a couple
of things to sell that would give me enough to get
both the tire, and the motor. I do hope someone
needs a refrigerator and an electric clothes dryer.

I am looking for a property where I can build a home
with a good size garage for working on my many
projects. In that way I could work in any weather.
I would even get things done faster than what I
can do now. One to three acres outside of the city
would be perfect. Of course, the price would have
to be within my reach.

Many years back I went to school in Alton, IL. There
was some really nice parcels of land there then. Wish
I would have thought to have gotten one then.

I don't think I would be riding a motorbike to the
St Louis area, but I might on my motorcycle one day.

Take care,
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