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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Replaced the cable. It was a thick cable. I wanted to use the housing from the old cable, but the new cable was too thick, so I had to use the housing that came with it and trim down the plastic sheathing so the cable housing would seat properly. I also had a little trouble getting the cable stop (ht kit clutch cable stop) on the new cable, but a little elbow grease took care of that. Now my front brake is perfect. I checked out my gearbox and found nothing wrong, so I took a look at my chain and decided there was a bit too much slack, so I moved my spring loaded tensioner back a little. Hope that solves that problem. I then shortened one of my killswitch wires and called it a day. As soon as my batteries finish charging, I'll put them back on the bike and then it will finally be back to just routine maintenance for awhile (fingers crossed).
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