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Default Re: Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl?

I bought a few engines from BGF with no problems until I got a total dud and never got any satisfaction from the seller. So what did I end up saving by buying my engines that way? Nothing. I lost. I think the quality of the engines is pretty much a crap shoot. What is different is the quality of the sellers. Some will go out of their way to make good, others return to their home planets and leave you to deal with the mess.

The one China girl engine that was a step above in quality was the PK-80 I got from Pirate Cycles. That was a really good one.

I doubt I'll ever buy another China girl. I still have a couple and may use them, but I prefer other two strokes. I have a German 2 stroke Sachs (quality!) a vintage British 2 stroke Villiars midget and an American made Jacobson 2 stroke of 147cc. The Chinese four stroke clones are pretty good, especially for the money.

Good luck to you. This first one is a learning experience and next build you'll know better how to work around problems and how to avoid them in the first place. Welcome to the forum!
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