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Default Re: Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl?

Hey boys, my DAX Balanced Bottom with a seriously modified BGF PISTON&JUG be a rolling MFER , ya boys. My first BGF kit was crap, locked up 45mins in the game. My fellings on this is like this ,I'll buy parts pullstarters, pistons jugs, wrist pin kits, but not a motor it just not worth all the blood & sweat to have A CG break your heart . It's bad enough she steals your wallet. Rick Who is a cool dude and he'll usually stand behind his products as long as you don't start mother f***ering him. Understand something, there is over 300 companies in China that make these engines. Most people even members here on the DON'T KNOW BGF, LEB, ROSE326A all sell up to 3 different grades of engines. And by this I mean B-C-D grade kits. Everybody says don't blame the sellers, well I'm here to tell you the seller KNOW when they get a he!! of a deal on a huge purchase the product will be substandard .

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