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Default Re: Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl?

Ive bought from BoyGoFast many times over the last few years and I've never had any complaints about how I have been treated, only had major issue with one engine I bought from him, I had to contact him one time about an issue that I cant even remember exactly what was now, but I had a good experience and he replaced the part and even sent me some extra gaskets at no extra charge, I do remember that part, but on the other hand I've heard other that have said they had a terrible experience with communication with BGF, maybe bad experience because of the way they initially addressed him with the issue or maybe not. BGF/LEB has always done me right when I have bought from them, just ordered a complete upper jug, piston, rings, pin and clips tonight by the way for $34 shipped to my door, I will be putting these parts on the Dax lower I bought last week.
I have never bought any china girl parts or engines form any of the other ebay sellers so I cant testify to how any of them do business.

Sorry to hear of your troubles Mjpioneer and I hope you get it all worked out.

Best wishes, Map
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