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Default Re: Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl?

Originally Posted by Mr. Minecraft View Post
Simple solution, don't use eBay. It sounds insensitive, and many people do have good experience with eBay, but I never use them. eBay just seems down right ****ty to me. I buy from EOS and have had the best experience so far.

Most of the time they are cheaper than ebay as well.

Best of luck,
He's right, now I have never had a problem with ebay and have gotten my money back
at times when I would spin my wheels with other companies
when I went thru bikeberry aka spookytooth they jacked me around
for six months and never completed my order. it's the luck of the draw!
what company were you doing biz with? boy go fast has a bad rap as well
as others, but I did have a good experience with nationwide
and I know this will sound callous but if you don't have the where with all and
mechanical aptitude. Buy pre built these kits are not as easy as they make it
sound PERIOD You will have to do mods and that doesn't count on cheaply
made gas tanks etc. basically I buy the engine the rest I toss if there's
something wrong with it and I don't cry about it. NOT saying you are.
Save time
see it my way!

The greatest gift god gave man, is his ability to laugh at himself
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