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Default Why shouldn't you buy a China-Girl-Motor?

If your not interested in long reads this is not the thread for you. If you are interested in how a company will screw you whenever it can, please read on.

I have had the worst time with an Ebay company in the last few weeks, thought I would share.

On 5/14/13 I ordered a "80cc 2 stoke engine kit" or "China-Girl" if you would, seeing how it looks and is essentially built the same as my flyinghorse I figured how bad could it be, I shipped priority for a extra $22.00

As of 05/24/13 I had not received any tracking # and the "Company" was playing phone tag with me

6/1/13 Hey guess what decided to show up? That is right the China-Girl kit. At this point I am overly happy it finally showed up and I didn't get screwed over by a foreign company. Out of the box it looks like any other 2 stoke except I noticed one of the cooling fins was bent..easy fix right? bent it back down and to my surprise it snapped right off..great So I move forward with the build I start slapping parts together when I notice...hey their's no throttle cable...or clutch cable...and hey that chain is rusted orange...what the ****. I called it a night at that point
6/2/13 Called the "companies" contact number multiple times, every time it went to voice mail...spoken in Chinese.
I decided to say screw it I will just get the parts from BikeBerry, which I did and I am very satisfied with what they sold me.

6/7/13 My new parts finally show up and I get building, all goes well. I left bad feedback on Ebay for the seller they immediately respond as soon as I do. They say that they are very sorry for the trouble I am having and will send me the parts I need, I gave them a list of missing parts, they never respond back.

At this point I should have just let it go and enjoy my new little toy but then this happens...I go to start it for the first time and the clutch makes a **** of a bang noise. One of the ears to mount the clutch cover snapped completely off. Okay....I own a welding shop I can fix this, so I weld up the crap Chinese pot metal and try luck at all. Checked the CDI, checked the plug, checked the wiring, checked the clutch, all is well. Finally checked the compression So I pulled the cylinder the piston rings from the factory are cracked.

6/9/13 I attempt to call the "company" again same thing someone speaking Chinese on the voice mail. I sent another Ebay message about the situation.

6/19/13 Still no word from the "company" about this situation. I have sent several messages, and left several voice mails.

At this point I am in to this motor almost double what the kit costs and it still doesn't run, the selling company will not even dignify me with a response, at this point I would be happy if they told me to piss off.
Moral of the story? If your looking for a cheap motor kit, stop and save up $20 more and get anything but a China-Girl. These things are cheap and come with very little customer support. I essentially have a 8 pound paper weight and a headache because of a lack of respect for the customer.
I will post pictures of all of this as soon as I get them uploaded.

Cracked rings from the factory

Snapped ear from poor casting techniques
Iron Age Welding & Repair

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