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Default Re: Peoria, Illinois

Hi all! I am Dave, and in Creve Coeur. Might as well say in Peoria.
I have ridden everything since the early 50's. Back then I had a
couple of motorbikes, but started on motorcycles in 1956 to
deliver papers. I had a very large route and needed something
larger and faster to do such a large route. The Cushman I had
wasn't too bad for delivery, but was a bear to maneuver across
rough ground. The early Mopeds were just completely out of
the question, too.

I am presently looking to get a motor for one of the two old
bicycles I just acquired. I used to have one of the old
Schwinn 26" bikes I had mounted a motor on to ride. For
those around the Peoria area, it was back before Sheridan
Village was built. At that time the area there was nothing
but farm and weed fields.

Presently I have my Honda Gold Wing Interstate motorcycle,
but I want something smaller for local riding. Even though my
Honda gets 45 mpg in town, being a highway cruiser is just
too big for much local and town riding. A motorbike would be
just the ticket for my wife and I for local and other short
distance rides.

I just got the call today that I will get the two bikes, so
have just started looking for engine kits. I would prefer a
4 stroke instead of the 2 stroke, but I don't know if I can
squeeze the cost for one of those out of my SS income.
I still remember the days when I could buy a motor for
a bike for about $25, and that was for a new motor.

Since I am licensed for motorcycles I don't care if the
engine is larger than the 49cc limit that requires a license
here. If anyone knows of a good used, or new engine that
can be had for a cheap enough price for my pocketbook,
please let me know in here, or by email.

It is good to see a forum like this on motorbikes. I am
finding that in this day and age they have again become
popular. More and more are switching to motorcycles or
motorbikes these days.

I am a member of A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois that is very strong
in Illinois for freedom of the road for all bikers, and very
strong on safety education, and political activism for riders.
With over fifty years of riding, I am pleased to find such
an organization for riders.

Again, it is nice to be here.
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