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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday I bought some Royal Purple motor oil (switching brands from the wallyworld supertech oil). So today I changed my oil when I got home from work. I also changed my throttle cable, since I got a new cable clamp (lost the old clutch cable clamp I was using on my throttle cable a few weeks ago, had been using a brake cable clamp but didnt care much for it). I also drilled a small hole in my throttle linkage to hook my return spring to, so the darn thing won't slide down and make the throttle cable loose. Has happened in the past, making it difficult to slow down or STOP when I need to lol. Anyway, all is good now. Just waiting for a new front brake cable to get here and once I change that, its back to just regular routine maintenance for awhile thankfully lol.
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