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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

here in central Texas where I live and with a free flowing exhaust on my bikes, my jets always have to be soldered up and redrilled smaller, I use a propane torch to heat the jet while holding it with pliers and then I put a dap of solder in the hole to fill it, I then use a #73 wire gauge drill bit and redrill the jet, so far that same jet size has worked out good on all three of my bikes and they all are set up just a little different.
I also run nothing but Opti2 oil mix and I mix it at around 80:

For anyone who doesnt know a good source for the wire gauge bits here is where I get my stuff like that, tools for polishing ports and wire gauge bits at very good prices.

For gasket making here are links to their cutting tools also.

Hope these links will help someone out, to resize the main jet is very simple and only requires some simple tools, the jet must be clean from all oil before it can be soldered, I just give mine a good spraying of carb cleaner and let it dry.

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so i got a 36t sprocket im getting a tuned pipe i have a cns carb the stock size jet is 0.70 what size should i go with
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