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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

Originally Posted by Kioshk View Post
Dan, WRT elevators and Connecticut...yes, there IS a connection! I take the Bridgeport/Port Jeff ferry often. They only charge me as a walk-on, and I suppose I've become somewhat of a character down on the docks: they all recognize me happily as "that guy with the motorized bike". Well, a couple of weeks ago, there was what I think was a relief crew. No one knew me, and when I placed my bike in my normally assigned spot (under a stairwell on the car deck), I was approached by a very officious gentleman in a white shirt and what looked like an officer's cap.

"Is there gasoline in that tank?"

"Why, yes sir. Yes there is."

"We'll, you can't keep it on the'll need to bring it with you to the aft-upper deck."

"Um...OK. In the elevator?"



This on-board elevator was just tiny enough that after I finagled it in, my cheapo BELL rear-view mirror snapped off when the elevator door closed. That got me P'ed to the O.

So, of course you knew where my head was: there are 50 vehicles with about 10 gallons of fuel each on this deck, and you want me to evacuate my 0.3 gallons for "safty concerns"? On top of that, you want me to transport this volite liquid on a public ELEVATOR?!? If there isn't a Federal law against that, I'm pretty damn sure there's a Meritime law against it.

OK, vented; thanks for bearing with me.
LOL, vent Brother, vent!

In my younger yrs, I worked for their competition. Not saying any thing for any of them, but the lawyers involved would blow your mind. No kidding, it got insane. The joke on deck was (every time some one drove into a bulkhead) "Hey! you scratched my boat!. ..and later, they sued

Swear to good, true story. I was directing cars on deck. An elderly woman was walking onboard. She trips over the only rise in the deck in 40 square yards. (IT WAS LIKE SHE AIMED FOR IT!, SNORK) So she hurt her knee. ( was there. She did face plant but not one of her knees hit the deck)

So she sues what ever and wins.

Wait Kioshk, this is the funny part. Her husband sued for (and I am not making this up) "alienation of affection" She got 32K for a slip and fall and he got $8K for not having to sleep with a truly hard to look at woman.

insert all the jokes here, I am not allowed to...... snork
worst apocalypse ever
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