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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

Kiosk is right, Google NYC and motorized bicycles. Not good news. They are even after ebikes.

This comes up a lot. Laws and local regulations. It is so important to research it and not trust folks online. People trying to sell you stuff will say one thing and well meaning folks (such as me) will tell you another. It is to the best of all of our knowledge, but better to really know. Go str8 to the horse's mouth to be sure.

Funny thing about our thing, I live in CT and can go any speed as long as it is posted and less then 5HP. NY and NYC is tuff though. But God love em, a NYC cop will not bother you unless you get em angry. Then your *scurid*, lol

A Manhattanite friend of mine asked about em recently. I suggested a low profile ebike. Fit on the elevator, no gas fumes and looked like a regular bicycle.

Not that I am suggesting that to you. Just what I told him.
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