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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

I'm gonna agree with kioshk there on most of it. If there is one thing that cops hate it is people that are being reckless with speed. Even with a bike, I've see some of those New York bikers and if you did that type of riding in Texas you woud get run over or fined heavily.

I ride on sidewalks, I know technically your not supposed to but off of Texas tech campus if your dumb enough to get on the road (35-55mph) your going to have all kinds of people honking and flipping you off. So I just keep to a respectable light pedal speed 10-15 on the sidewalk and if I have to pass someone I drop it down to like walking speed and smile.

I may be risking a bike on sidewalk ticket but it's better than risking death on the motorways around here.
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