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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

Welcome Amy,

Motorized bikes are not legal to operate in NY State; and I suspect that NYC laws could be even more restrictive. I know that the PD has been cracking down on food-delivery people on these bikes because they've proven themselves to be dangeous nusences. I have been zipping around Long Island for about a year now, and the Suffolk Police have been very cool with me; no problems at all. I DID get pulled over once for blowing a red-light. The cop just gave me a tounge-lashing and told me "...and be careful on whatever the h.e.l.l that thing is!". My advice is that if you DO go the motorized route, deck the bike out in lights and reflectors. Be sure to have a working bell or horn, wear a helmet, and bright clothing. Be consciencious of pedestrians and vehichles...ride like you're invisible. Keep it under 20MPH in populous areas. Follow the traffic laws. Stay off the sidewalks, and expect some die-hard cyclists to express resentment if you come upon them in the bike-lanes. One thing I make sure to do is MAKE EYE-CONTACT with anyone in you surrondings...and smile & nod a lot: you'll get WAY more smiles than frowns, trust me.
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