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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

The law for most cities is: You can ride it in the street if the speed limit is 25mph or under, and if the speed limit is higher that 25mph, there needs to be a bike lane. Sidewalks are prohibited, and you cant park it in a way that disrupts foot traffic. I will try to find more info for you in the mean time.

Edit: Wow, New York is MUCH more strict on this topic than California. Here is what I found on the NY DMV website:

You cannot register any of the motorized devices from the list below in NYS. You cannot operate these devices on sidewalks, public streets or highways in NYS. These devices are motor vehicles, but they do not have the correct equipment or design for operation on roadways.

Motorized Scooter - a device with a motor attached and a handlebar for a standing rider. An example of a motorized scooter is the device called the Go-pedŽ.

Mini-bike - a small, motorized device with two wheels and created for off-road use. A mini-bike does not qualify as a moped, a motorcycle or an ATV.
Dirt Bike - a motorized device like a motorcycle, but created for and used for off-road use. Some "dirt bikes" qualify as an ATV. These vehicles can register and operate off-road as an ATV.

Go-Kart - a small, motorized device with four wheels, created for off-road use. You cannot register a go-kart as a motor vehicle or ATV because a go-kart does not have the same equipment.

Motor-assisted Bicycle - a bicycle to which a small motor is attached. A motor-assisted bicycle does not qualify for a registration as a motorcycle, moped or ATV and does not have the same equipment.

These devices are not allowed on any street, highway, parking lot, sidewalk or other area that allows public motor vehicle traffic. You are subject to arrest if you operate one of these motorized vehicles and do not have a registration, driver license, inspection, insurance or correct equipment. The DMV can not provide any information about operation of these devices on private property. Contact the local authorities and property owners.

If I were you I would build it anyways as most police don't mind them if you ride responsibly and safely. This is just my opinion though, as I am used to the lenient cops in my town.

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