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Default Re: riding a motorized bike in the street / bike lane?

Originally Posted by amills22 View Post
Hey all

I recently got a 52 columbia cruiser, and recently moved to nyc. It's a bit slow for general commuting, but I love the bike too much to stop riding it.

I really want to put a motor on it and use it as a commuter bike to get to work faster etc BUT I am not sure if i'd be allowed to ride it on the street with the motor. Does anyone have any clue to the rules regarding this? I don't think it'd qualify as a moped or scooter. Not sure if i'd be able to use the bike lane anymore. I know it wont go super fast so that would probably be ok.

Any help would be great,


I would contact your local DMV, ask them and get it in writing if you can.
they are real quick to give advice but don't want to stand behind it LOL
don't you love our Government?
Save time
see it my way!

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