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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by HardcoreHadaway View Post
Hello fellow motto cyclers,

I started my build on the 12th, having purchased a CCM Scout 26 new the previous day and had the kit in the box. I set up in a corner of the living room of my one bedroom apartment (where I have no tools), assuring my girlfriend it would only take me a couple days to build... I learned what I needed about mounting the kit from youtube and realized I needed tools. I also found this site End of day 1

The next day I bought a dremel, a socket set, and I mounted everything...mostly. Fairly straight forward I thought. U bolt, rubber tape, line up with rear sprocket and have exhaust clear the pedals. Built the carburetor, installed the throttle/killswitch/handle, and placed the clutch handle. Realized I needed different brackets to mount my gas tank on my fat top tub. I also used the rag joint for the rear sprocket. End of day 2

At this point I think all I have left is to put the chain on, the gas can seems easy, but my 2 days are up. I have work for the next three days and my gf doesn't like me working on the bike while she is home. I do get the morning to work on it cause have an afternoon shift. I tidy up the length of clutch cable and zip tie down some things. Then I get to the chain. Put the tensioner on and figure out the chain length. I spend most of my time trying to break the chain. Thing won't fit in my chain breaker, can't bash out the pin, dremel breaks...Finally I go to the gas bar down the street and have buddy do it. Gave him a 5 for coffee, I think I will develop a working relationship with this auto mechanic. Putting the chain on shows me that I need to redo the rag joint. I may have put it on way to tight , ruined the nuts, some of the bolts, and on won't come off. End of day 3.

Had work all day and fathers day is tomorrow. I have Monday off and am hoping to get a new dremal, some nuts and bots, some brackets and get it all together.

Unfortunately this forum is a little too helpful and now I am getting cold feet about firing it up. There seems to be some things I have missed and I'm worried I may have missed more. I'm pretty sure once I run fuel through the system the problems with multiply. Things like cleaning the clutch with brake cleaner and greasing it. Cleaning the magneto. I wonder if these things can be done while the engine is mounted and if so should it be on it's side. I learned a great deal more about the carburetor and I question the O ring, the air filter, the little plate on the pin, and I have no idea about setting the idle.

If there are any other things I should be looking at or doing before I start my break feel free to let me know. I am about 900' above see level and have heard lots of things about fuel mixtures.

Sorry for the long post.
Hi Hardcore, Welcome to Please read the entire thread I'm giving you. There's a lot of info throughout it. THIS is the most critical part of the build.
TIGHT straight engine mount, MOTOR/CHAIN alignment. But don't get scared or anything, There's a lot of good folk here willing to help out. Before you go any further though, get yourself to the hardware store and get GRADE 8 nuts and bolts for the rag joint/sprocket set up. You'll thank me later.
P.S. Don't worry about fuel/air yet. It should start and run, Then see how she's doin.

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