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Default Re: She Just Ain't Climbing Like She Used To - Standard China Girl 66cc

Today I drilled out two 11mm holes in the muffler cap. I also bought some very short shank bolts with lock washers and nuts for those holes.

First test was the two holes open. Loud. A little less loud than with the cap completely off. Second test, one hole closed. Ah. That's about it! A little louder than no hole at all. But OK. Good response twisting the throttle. Good sound.

So now I have 4 power choices. lol

2 holes closed. 1 hole open. 2 holes open. Cap removed.

For me the one hole has basically solved my problem. I still want the SBP pipe...but not as urgent as it was a week ago.

I don't recommend anyone drilling holes in your muffler system unless you really know your motor and what you're doing. Even as much as I know about my motor I was still taking a chance by drilling holes. Turns out I'm good!

My regular ride up to Yang Ming Shan required a few sections where I had to pedal. That's just fine. That's where I want it to be.

Motor safe,
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