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Default Re: She Just Ain't Climbing Like She Used To - Standard China Girl 66cc

Hey fatdaddy --

Thanks for the excellent feedback! Especially the photos. That's one nice looking ride you have! That makes sense that there is likely another honeycomb at the top.

I cut off the "stinger" tube from the cap and tried it. A very small improvement. So I rode the rest of the day with the cap off. There aren't many cops in the hills and when I'm in the city environments I usually do a lot of bicycling. But yesterday when I was going up the hills I passed a couple who were walking and the lady covered her road-facing ear with her hand and that kinda bummed me out. I don't want to disturb people.

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
BRO,That's a GREAT road for a motorized ride. I wish I had one like that around here.
There are many roads like that in the near-by hills. Twenty years I used to explore them all on a motorcycle. But I gave up motorcycles...the public transportation and walking is all I need. But the China Girl has allowed me to go back up there...and it's really nice and cool up on high while it swelters below.

I know all about tight budgets...not sure when I'll be ordering a SBP pipe. In the meantime I'll make due with the cap off. Was thinking yesterday about drilling a hole or two in the cap. But I'm reluctant because it may make it just as noisy as without the cap. lol

I'll be pulling the plug today and see what we see.

Motor safe,
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