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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Weatherman said morning rain, and it was pouring. My thinking has always been "You will enjoy the pleasure of the afternoon ride home from work, if you endure the rain on the morning ride.".

In Hawaii, it rains in the morning and clears up 90% of the time in the afternoon. I have a change of clothing @ work and a shower stall. It wasn't pouring cats and dogs, so I rode without rain gear. To keep muddy water from being kicked into my face, I lowered my helmet shield and rode @ a slower pace. It took 5-10 minutes longer to reach work. My pants were half-soaked. My shirt was dry since I had my Fox chest protector on. The Schwalbe Big Apple tires never slipped throughout the commute.

Despite being wet, it was worth the morning ride.

The afternoon cleared up, although there was a slight drizzle most of the way. I noticed that the gears started to shift in delayed action and the bottom bracket freewheel felt "gravelly" and displayed red rust. I'll be sure to lube the bike over the weekend.

A city bus almost hit me in the crosswalk. I gave him "the finger" and he returned the digital salute.

On the way to the blood bank, I'll take my frame down to the LBS to match headset bearing for my RM80 triple tree bracket.
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