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Default Re: Dirty looks and Shaking Fists

Originally Posted by whosworkinthegrill View Post
Let me explain. My muffler cap blew off erilier in the day and I was surfing a spot called Tressles, which has a concrete trail that is used for beach access. It is a state park that only attracts one group of people: Surfers. The guys on the trail I P.O.'d arent the kind to be reporting it to any one. I just wanted to relay a story that happened. Yes I made a bad choice cuz I didn't want to peddle my way up the hill, and no I wont make that choice again.
Good deal!

A picture of families with children out for a stroll came to mind after reading your first post. I could just see someone making it thier life's work to get motorbikes banned.

Maybe the other surfers were just jealous that they had to walk.

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