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Hey guys!

So I took a break from motorbicycling a couple years ago. I was fairly active on here and had built up two rides, and was using my bike as a main form of transportation to and from work (around 10 mile trip one way, 10 mile back, everyday)

I was using a slant head 2-smoke with SBP Expansion chamber, I upgraded the chain to heavier duty one, racing carb w/ low-pro air filter and... crap I can't think of what else I did.

Anyway, I still have an old build for parts but have since sold my main ride. I would like to get back into riding and wa hoping someone could give me a rundown on the latest and greatest. Whats changed in the last couple years?

Should I start with a pre-built or should I do a build from scratch again?

Any recommendations on engine or on pre-builts (if thats the route you think I should take) are welcome.

I am located in California. Thank you!

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